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Why video interview?

Your interviewing technique says a lot about you and your company.

Build employer brand

Use video to give your company the competitive edge in attracting the best talent.

Better and faster screening

Screen candidates from anywhere, and uncover the best candidates at the earliest possible stage.

Save time and money

Save time and focus on in-person meeting with only the right candidates.

Interviewers and candidates love the advantages of video interviewing.

Hiring manager

Hiring Manager

Video has completely transformed our HR process and dramatically increased our hiring quality.



We fast-tracked our recruitment cycle with every client and are now able to fill positions twice as fast.

Interview candidate


I love how easy it is. No travel and I was able to make a great impression through live video.

Our Features

We are not just a video chat service but a complete 360° digital hiring solution.

Live Video

High quality video conferencing using the latest technology that works across desktop and smartphone. No dowloads or plugins!

Interview Scheduling

No more scheduling hassle with our easy-to-use interview booking system that come with automated reminders.

One-click Feedback

Keep candidates in the loop about their status with our simple feedback management system.

Candidate Rating

Rate interviews on a 5-star scale and quickly drill down on which candidates you should be pursuing.

How it works

We are revolutionizing video interviewing by making it as easy as 1-2-3!

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    Add a new job and invite candidates for video interview.

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    3. Start interviewing

    Use live video! We use the best video technology that works from any desktop or smartphone.

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